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Design and Concept

Majic Enterprises

The Majic starts here

What we do quite simply is take a good product or idea and make it Better.                                     We are a Management company & Design center. Majic has over the years taken thousands of products & hundreds of companies and made them better, more profitable, more efficient and yes even saved a few companies from filing for bankruptcy with our innovative ideas & management style.  

The name says it all Majic, where everything is possible. When you work with Majic Enterprises, an endless array of possibilities open before you. We believe in integrity, creativity, exemplary workmanship and dedication to your satisfaction. When we opened our doors in 1986, these pillars became the foundation of a innovational company.

By listening to the client and appealing to their requests, we eventually developed eight distinct divisions to satisfy the needs of every client. As they persuaded us to move into new areas, we felt the desire to become exceptional at each facet, challenging ourselves to surpass even our own expectations.

Looking back, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

360 Virtual Tours

In this area we've tried to take one clients project and look at it from the first person prospective. You can click on each individual room viewing it from 360 degree's. Top to bottom & side to side as if you were walking through the rooms.

Interactive Photo Gallery

This is a small cross section of some of our work. We try to give you samples from all of our different divisions, usually between 40 to 50 unique photos. Enjoy.



About Us

At our core and above all else we are a Design center! Whether we are retained for Management or TV shows or building Restomod's, Bars, Custom Homes, Cigar lounges, Home Theater, Gamerooms, Ponds or Wine cellars all these things start with our creative design teams. Our clients expect that we will imagine what others haven't.     All of our divisions are known for their      "One of a Kind" Designs.

Call us anytime: (570) 350-1422
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