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The Collection

The Collection

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The Facts About Collecting Classic Cars:

In the last 30 years there has been no better investment strategy than Blue Chip Classic Cars. Vintage & Classic Cars have vastly outperformed the S&P 500, Mutual funds, CD's, and all other traditional forms of investing!  Plus since 2008 collectible car values have surged over 32%; this is even more impressive when you consider that a lot of the up-side came through the depth of the recession.  The other great news is that large increased percentages have been recorded all through the range of prices not just at the top.  As I always say, name another investment you can enjoy driving around the block?  So go on get that car you've always wanted now with a clear conscience and drive your buddies a little crazy in the process.    

The Buying Process:

First learn what's worth collecting, then buy what you Love! Like love first impressions are everything. If you don't love the car at first sight then chances are you won't grow to love it later. A cheap price is just that a cheap car, I've never seen anyone in my 25+ years of experience enjoy & use a car just because the price was cheap. In fact most of the time that's the car that never gets driven.

We are the Convertible experts, specializing in cars $250,000 & Under! Most of our Collection is under $99,000.


Feel free to make us an offer on anything, as long as it is fair we will consider it.  Then with the proceeds from that sale we will buy another exhibit or car; it is our hope that by this process we will continue to keep the Gallery inventory rotating and fresh!

Note:  * I only collect cars I love & would want to own myself.

Rating system for cars: Pricing:
1 thru 4 ( +'s & -'s ) Also 4 categories
1 is a perfect car in every way $101K & above
2 is very nice $51K to 100K
3 is a driver, good from a distance $26K to 50K
4 is a project car or parts car $10K to 25K



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