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TV Shows

In the beginning this section was dedicated to a TV show we were asked to be a part of, that was sometime ago now! The show airs on WFMZ & the CW. The shows initial run was for 13 weeks and is in reruns now. The theme of this show was expert advise on everything HOME and though we are not professional actors by any means several of our craftsmen appear in the episodes, on a personnel note I learned that I'm much better & happier behind the camera than in front of it!  All-in-all I have to say everyone enjoyed the experience. As a result of that show I now take the Stan Lee approach to stardom "Nothing but Cameo's baby." If you watch the episodes you can see many different jobs that we have done plus the scope, depth and our diversity. There are tips of the day and a lot of great advise. What we have done here on the website is condensed down the shows and eliminated the commercials.

Our New TV show specials are called Vintage TV, it is a national show based on the theme:  Americana & Automobile   

We are proud to have Green Leaf with its Emmy award winning production & camera crews now on all our project with us

The shows usually air on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM and centers around vintage cars and the passion that goes into restoring and owning these pieces of history. We're bringing Vintage back! We have the potential reach for over 15 Million home viewers.
You're invited to join us for all the heart-warming personnel stories plus you'll have an all access private back stage pass as we visit private collections, museums, car shows, automotive art, wine and wineries but only as it deals with the automotive industry and its auto connoisseurs and lastly special events. We will also have episodes based around these automotive themes: Super Cars, Racing Legends, Drive-ins & Drive-in movies, My First Ride, What is the car you've always wanted to own, What's your favorite car, Longevity in racing and funny topics like: Before the Zombie Apocalypse happens what's the last car you ever want to own?  The theme of this show is a little different than most, instead of one host we have five so all interviews will be from their individual perspectives. Though they may not always agree follow along with all the animated antics as they plead their cases and by the end of the episode there will be one winner, that person will receive "Our Best of Show" handmade one of a kind trophy. There will also be some in-depth yet lighthearted Celebrity interviews and insight into what drives their passion for the cars they ride, restore and collect.  As always if you have a show or upcoming event or collection that you'd like to be on our show please contact us and we'll try to see if we can add it to our schedule?      If you had to have it, then we'd love to come see it

In 2013 Vintage TV is adding to there line-up, along with our Automotive Specials we'll have a New Special based around the Restaurant Industry, called "So you want to be a Restaurateur?"         Stay tuned for all the details coming in June!

Proceeds from this show will go to help fund the MAC & JC's Vintage Gallery in Mathews, Va.  We believe in giving back to our communities!

 The show's motto: Love, passion, lifestyle now that's Vintage.

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At our core and above all else we are a Design center! Whether we are retained for Management or TV shows or building Restomod's, Bars, Custom Homes, Cigar lounges, Home Theater, Gamerooms, Ponds or Wine cellars all these things start with our creative design teams. Our clients expect that we will imagine what others haven't.     All of our divisions are known for their      "One of a Kind" Designs.

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