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William DeMeo, Vincent Pastore & Paul Borghese at the Italian Auto Show at Mt Airy Casino in the Poconos & Sneak-peek for the movie GOAT.


William DeMeo, Vincent Pastore and Paul Borghese from Tappan films at the Italian auto show at Mt Airy Casino in the Pocono Mountains, Pa.  The lady's from Vintage TV Show were on hand for a photo opt, thanks Guys.  This was a great event for anyone who enjoys beautiful cars in a picturesque venue, if you missed the event this year make sure to mark it down as a must see for next year.  The cast of Vintage was on hand all day filming one of their up coming episodes. Don't forget go see the guys in their New Movie:  GOAT.  For those readers wondering about the title to the movie, yes its named after the famed nickname for the Pontiac GTO.           Updated 9/22/12

YouTube TV Show trailer link:

Goat extended movie trailer link: 




Tony hard at work on the TV Show.


I thought everybody would appreciate a sneak-peek at what goes on behind closed doors to bring you, your favorite TV shows.  We take for granted the shows that stream into our homes everyday but never realize all the hard work and technology that has to be done behind the scenes to keep us entertained!  Hey, do I see Vintage on one of those monitors?  

Tony, thanks for keeping us all entertained!

Time for me to rail against the machine!


Ok, I'm jumping up on my soap box to ask the question, are we for real in this country about seat-belt laws!?!  Come'on really, this is a pressing issue in today's society?  So let me get this straight I can ride a motorcycle with NO helmet, NO seat-belts, NO airbags but in a car surrounded by metal and full of airbags I have to wear a seat-belt to protect myself?  Am I a danger to society?  Ok don't answer that!  As an adult do I NOT have the ability to make my own decisions?   Or like in this South Park clip above will I get a ticket next if I don't wear a seat-belt on the john?  This is truly to much interference by our government, is it for our own good? or wait a minute is it just simply about the $$$$$$!!!  Whatever it is, I think it is Ridiculous and a total invasion of my privacy to boot!  Free will that's dead too and if you're wondering YES I did get a ticket! LOL

Wider 42 Yacht

 The Wider 42 Motor Yacht 

Wider is a daycruiser and a full-on waterpark by the bay, this vessel interprets the concept of space in her own unique way.
Indeed, the wider cockpit, has been widened by means of two extensions on either side of the hull, doubling the walkable surfaces and significantly increasing the boat’s stability at anchor.  Not to simplify this achievement but it echos how the Motorhome industry has increased the space in there coaches for years by adding slides.  Granted being on & in the water must have presented some unique challenges to say the least.

The Wider 42 design patented by T. Antonelli, makes it possible to create an impressive walkable surface area in the cockpit and at the waterline, unthinkable for a 42 footer until now. 
This high performance and lightweight boat has been built by exploring new vacuum infusion molding techniques for vinyl & carbon resins, also used in the Formula 1 industry. The resulting product is particularly aerodynamic and features both maximum efficiency and minimum waste. The shape of the hull creates an air cushion between the surface of the sea and the hull so the yacht rises up slightly, maintaining a highly dynamic sailing trim like on racing yachts.  Another really neat option is that you can custom fit a jetski in the stern of this boat; great for all day fun on the water either anchored or underway by its own power.  

If you have the means and will be using its boat for mostly day trips then the Wider gets my highest recommendation for boats in the 42' and under class.  You will not be disappointed, more than likely you will be Amazed!

volante_14_10_2010 wider-808 wider-interni-112 wider-715  wider-interni-101 

2004 Penfold's Block 42 Cabernet

The world's most expensive wine: The Penfolds 2004 Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon costs £109,000 a bottle 

The most expensive wine ever sold directly from a winery will go on sale from the venerable Australian winery Penfolds. The limited edition release of the 2004 Penfolds Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon is priced at $168,000 a bottle.  Can you imagine that and its not even from France, really if I pay that much for a product I'd better be able to live in it or drive it around the block really fast!

The custom ampules made for Penfolds's Block 42 limited release once opened can not be re-corked, so you'd better be ready to polish off this bottle in one sitting.  The wine's distinctive price comes from its rarity. The wine was made from the oldest producing Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the world, transplanted from France to Australia in the 1830s.

Later planted at the Kalimna Vineyard in the Barossa Valley, northeast of Adelaide, the vines today provide unequaled juice, but very little of it. Only 12 bottles of the 2004 vintage will be put up for sale, that's still over $2 million dollars by my count.  Not bad for 12 bottles.

To add further cachet, Penfolds commissioned an ampule of scientific grade glass to hold it from three Australian artists: Nick Mount, who designed and hand-blew the glass; silversmith Hendrik Forster, who prepared the precious metal detailing; and furniture craftsman Andrew Bartlett, made the bespoke Jarrah cabinet.  This bottle does look really cool but it had better be worth a fortune on eBay after the lucky customer drinks this wine otherwise I think a few of these 12 wine aficionados are going to have buyers remorse?  I'm sorry I'll admit it, I love exclusive things probably more than most people but this is ridiculous!  This is the type of item that makes the average person hate the one per-centers for sure.  I don't know maybe I'm just jealous because I can't afford this wine and I would like to or maybe even if I had this kinda money to burn I still wouldn't buy a bottle of wine this absurdly priced?  Oh yea its the latter!  

Twelve of a kind: The unique ampoule was specially designed to provide the ideal environment for the wine - and, at £109,000 a bottle, add some well-deserved glamour 

ICON A5 Sport Seaplane, Top Design.


This innovative new design is my top pick for best overall sport seaplane coming on to the market today.  This airplane can even be towed to water like a boat on a trailer!  You need only a sport pilots license not a standard private pilot single engine license, the benefit is less hours of classes more hours flying.  It even comes with an optional parachute for safety.  The price is all very reasonable for a craft of this kind at under $190,000. current market price.  If you want the coolest thing on water or air than your ship "pun intended"  has come in!

Icon A5 website link: 

Horacio Pagani & the Pagani Huayra


horacio pagani, is This the enzo ferrari of our generation? 

“There should be no compromises between design and function,  My vision for Pagani cars, no compromise between beauty and power, art and science,  You must transfer part of your soul, your humanity into the final design, You give your best and put all your passion into it and then the world decides.”  These are some quotes from Mr Pagani.  His latest Super Car the HUAYRA, pictured below is stunning both inside and out. Extensive articles have been written about Mr Pagani's march toward perfection lately.  All I can add is that if money was no object, then this would be my super car of choice with everything else a distant second.  Sorry Enzo!


Flying Car of the near Future, I'll have one!


Now this would look great in my garage as long as I can get passed the vanilla appearance, ok maybe it may need a few tweaks in the Majic restoration shop before its show ready but none the less I want one Bad!   Maybe I should consider this as my Zombie apocalypse getaway car, after all Zombies can't fly?  Maybe I should hope for this in the near future instead of a jet-packs? You know there just to unpredictable and nothing can rain on your parade more than blowing-up.  This is the coolest thing I seen in awhile, drive it on the street or fly it home your choice.

Coach Dick Vermeil & MAC behind the scenes at Hershey.


A special thank you to Coach Dick Vermeil for taking the time to give Vintage TV an interview; he was racing his fathers restored sprint car that meant a lot to him at the Hershey Hill Climb.  He gave a great interview in which he told us that he was so young when his father raced this car that he wasn't allowed into the pits, so to help his father his job was to use a hot iron and re-groove the tires between races.  You will all see this interview in its entirety in one of our later episodes.  Thanks again Coach for being a true gentleman.



Zombie Apocalypse everyone knows its coming, otherwise why would everybody be talking about it?  Maybe because the Mayan's predicted  the end of the world later this year or the fact that every movie and TV show producer has done a show about it and if ratings are any indication we're all watching or is it that we are all just crazy?  Who knows but if the End of the World is really coming (tongue-in-cheek) then this is the Car/SUV I want hands down no question.  A Knight XV Armored Assault Vehicle, it makes a Hummer look like a toy car, damn I'd better trade-in my Hummer SUT now and beat the rush.  Now I'm sure you're saying Mac what about all those cool custom vehicles with the spikes and  re-bar welded all over them.  Well I'll give you that in the over the top department they win but they'll probably be about as effective as taping a sign to the side of your car that reads "NO HUMANS IN HERE".  If I'm going-out I want to go out in Style!  Not to mention comfort & roominess, heck I can even take 4 additional desperate friends/family members with me (seats up to 6, so my wife, do the math) Plus it's armored; encase those crazy zombies learn how to shoot guns too.  Maybe just eating brains isn't enough in their zombie arsenal.  It could happen, it's as likely a scenario as anything else???  All kidding aside I watch all these TV shows and movies too, hell I love the "Walking Dead" on AMC, I never miss an episode.  The bottom photo cracked me up, after all you're gonna need a ton of firepower for the end of the world.  Everyone knows it, Dr D, Kuhnz, me, everyone that is except Curtis!  And you know come the end of the world he'll want a seat too, "the jury is still out on that one" LOL.  So whether it comes or not it can't hurt & its a heck of a lot of fun to be prepared, even the CDC, that's right the CDC released a survival guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.  What do they know that we don't, makes you think hmm.  Well this is your part-time Zombie guide signing off for now, so keep vigilant my friends and as the quote below so eloquently puts it "the zombies aren't going to kill themselves" now are they!


New Fall Scheduled TV Show by Majic called: "VINTAGE" from MAC & JC


Majic Enterprises  **View Our TV Show's first trailer!

Just Click on this Link: 

Does this picture really need a caption?


OK, now do I have to put text under this picture!  Guys I ask you?  What a Hot Bentley, right?  Maybe this is a blatant attempt by me to get more guy readers?  Maybe I just appreciate the photographers eye for form and beauty?  Maybe this photo is the fantasy of like 99% of the guys in the world? (Not me of-course, because I'm already married to a Hot woman & I have a different super car ride in the garage, hence the 1% discrepancy) But I digress, lets face it this is the picture that should have spawned the phrase; "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"  Well enjoy, my small following of readers and remember there will always be more to come!!!

Vintage Gallery to Open in late 2013!


Vintage Gallery is finally under construction.  The location is 332 Main St Mathews, Va.  This will be a fun yet relaxed gathering place right off the Chesapeake bay in a beautiful untouched section of the Northern Neck.  There are far to many traditional car museums across the US, and that's fine but we're going in a different direction.  Like all of our ventures we aim to be different with an accent on reconnecting with the past yet enjoying the future.  This Gallery will be more inline with and Art Gallery than a car dealership.  I'm sure this venture will evolve and change through the whole process, we are always looking to make things better.  Sometimes you have to be into the heart of an idea before you can step back and be constructive with additional unseen directions of true improvement.  The parent company Majic has been in the car business since 1986.  We always felt that we wanted to give something back & this is the perfect way to do it.  Please check back with my Blog from time to time as there will be many updates over the next year and if you want to see more information about our family of companies please visit us at:  

 Website Link: 

The Morgan 3 wheeler is almost here!


I know I can't wait, the Morgan's are coming, the Morgan's are coming!  For those of you that don't know much about Morgan as a company (shame on you) they have been a family run business in England for over 100 years.  They are one of the last surviving family owned automotive manufactures left in England; Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Rolls Royces, Bentley, Lotus plus lots of others all gone or taken-over by large companies. This latest Morgan model will be a 3 wheeler roadster, you can pick color and interior just like any other car.  What you can't have is a top, this is more like a Motorcycle or Can-am Spyder or AC Cobra than your normal car but that's all part of the fun.  Is this going to be your commuter car, probably not but I see a lot of people going to work now on scooters so who knows?  There won't be many of these units being imported into the US so I would get inline to buy one of these beauties now!  For being such a unique roadster they aren't very expensive. (depending on the exchange rate between $35K to $45K USD) Second this has got to be one of the coolest ways to save on gas, estimates have it around 60+ miles per gallon.  Take that Prius and Smart car, you can't hold a candle to the Morgan in the head-turning department.  Last with 2 wheels in the front it's incredible stable compared to a standard motorcycle or scooters but just as much fun, wait maybe more FUN!  I plan on taking mine with me when we go on our RV trips, how cool is that.  Everyone else will have there little golf carts and I'll be tooling around in this baby, plus I have the added bonus of driving it on the highway.  So I'm waiting for mine to arrive soon, hopefully real soon.  See you all down the road.

Morgan's website link: 

Photo: Could this be MAC's new ride to the show? 

I finally got to drive one of the US models, no this one isn't mine.  I ordered a Black one.  This was so much fun to drive and man does it sound mean going down the road.  I will tell you it is a little snug in the cockpit but hey it'll keep me on my diet!  JC will be happy about that too, so I get a new cool roadster and the wife is happy.  LIFE is GOOD!

CRUZ'N on a Sunday afternoon.


My Favorite Car for Summer cruzing.  This is a 1949 Mercury Led-Sled.  Restomoded and chopped.  I love this car, doesn't it just make you want to get in and drive.  Some of my favorite drives are when I have nowhere in particular to go, just top down wind in your hair the sun on your face not a care in the world CRUZ'N!  That's also my favorite time to think, I think we could all use more times like that.  All of us right now just have to put down that boring work for today & just go for a drive, like the old days.  Forget about gas prices for one day and just enjoy how truly cool a car really is and if you don't own a convertible then you can come with me, I have 3 spots open first come first served.  Remember: "Vintage is never out of style". 


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