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Our Fan's: Doing what they Do, having FUN!!!


It was Great seeing all our fans come out for the Super Cars on State St & Circle Drive-in shoots. We had a super time filming both events. These are our Vintage fans showing their own unique Style.  We love it when our fans turn-out to support us!

*** Nice Vintage T-Shirts by-the-way, you've not only got Style but Spirit too


Vintage's First 5 Best of Show Trophy Winners!



Vintage TV's Best Of Our Show

Our trophy presentation like our show is all based on Emotion!  Each winner has become champion for a different reason.  There is no point system per-se, no judges; our award is always based on both tangible and intangible factors. Then the cast fights it out and when the dust clears we have our winner.  

One thing is for sure, they've all deserved Vintage's Best of Show.

*NOTE: The winners photos are in no particular order. 

LeBelle Macchine d'Italia Concorso d'Eleganza


Dead Man's Curve Hot Rod Show

Vintage Gallery


Pat Priest - The Munsters 



Vintage TV will be filming on Saturday September 1st from 10AM to 3PM at the Dead Man's Curve Wild Weekend Hot Rod Show in Mahwah, NJ.  This will be our first time for this show but we decided we had to do it after all the positive feedback we received from enthusiast all over the country!  We have never had a show talked up like this before, in fact we we're going to film another show that weekend but then we switch gears to film the DMC.  Our Producers always say give the Viewers what they Want!  So everyone we listened and we're going!!!  This looks to be a Great venue, the grounds look amazing so this should be a super Hot Rod Party.  Also stop by to meet Paul Le Mat of American Graffiti fame.

DMC's website link: 

The Vintage Cast  & the Vintage Girls are looking forward to seeing you all there. 



Celebrity episodes: "Memories of your First Ride"


At Vintage TV we are always looking for something uniquely different for our viewers; about      6 months ago we embarked on the start of an episode based around celebrities and the first cars they had before they made it big.  We thought that would be an interesting episode and as a result have compiled many great interviews plus passionate testimony on just how important the automobile is in our lives!  Our first ride is something that is not only a vivid memory but something most of us hold truly dear!  Then I received an email from Jesse who has a really cool blog called "just a car guy" and he had several suggestions for our show, one of them was if I'd ever read a book by Matt Stone titled "My first Car" which was ironic given we were already working on a similar project.  I guess it is really true that there are no original ideas left anymore, lol.  I digress, anyway I read the book and then contacted Matt to see if we could use some of his celebrity stories too, I will let you know how that works out in a later update to this blog?  Now that you have the back story, here is Vintage's take on our episode.

We are going to get as many celebrity stories as we can for this episode and we are always looking for more, so if you have any ideas or have a celebrity that you know who would be interested in being on our show please contact us and we'll try and get their interview for the show.  Of course Vintage will put there own unique twist on this concept.

YouTube video link from one of the shows shoots:

Upcoming episode titles & ideas:  

Your favorite Car - If You Win the Lottery, what's the first car you buy? - Your Zombie Apocalypse getaway car? - What was your first expensive car purchase? 

You can contact us at either: 

or by calling  (570) 350-1422.  

Thanks for the help & your continued interest in Vintage TV


Lyon Air Museum


Founded by Major General William Lyon, Lyon Air Museum is located on the west side of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Lyon Air Museum is collocated with Martin Aviation, the Museum exhibit is comprised of authentic aircraft, rare vehicles and related memorabilia, with emphasis on the defining event of the 20th century.

What a beautiful museum, such an awesome setting for both planes and autos.  This Packard exhibit was stunning, as always thanks Jesse from "Just a Car Guy Blog" for turning me on to this new museum.  Its on my list now to visit next trip to California and should be on yours too. 


Viewer Input?

Vintage Gallery


OK, so since I've been getting comments about this on my other blogs I figured I give you, the viewer a chance to give us your input under one blog heading.  Here is your chance to tell us what you think... your forum per say for anything & everything you want to discuss.  Speak now or forever hold your peace. ;-) Only rules are make it constructive and keep it clean!  

What Celebrities, Sports figures/Athletes, Musicians & any other type of interesting interview would you like to see VINTAGE TV do? No promises but we will try our best with your top suggestions! See don't say we never ask? 


Home Arcade Themed Gamerooms, the Latest Trend.


One of the latest trends in home design is the new entertaining spaces, this used to mean maybe a home theater or man cave bar & pool table or even a poker room.  Now that's all changed for extreme over the top designs, like full-on commercial arcade styled game rooms.  Forget that Xbox hooked to the family TV; Retro is Back and in a Big Way!  Many families are now looking to recreate that classic look of the older styled boardwalk arcades that they remember form their youth.  They want to be the house all the children want to come to, they want to be the house that has fun parties and most importantly they want to be the house that their children actually want to bring their friends to!  Arcade style sit-down games and pinball machines are all critical to the over all look, feel and continued patronage but themes are also important and shouldn't be over looked.  Tin ceilings, beer neon's, jukebox or even your favorite cartoon characters all help to round-out and deepen the experience.  This allows you to be emersed and get lost in the moment.  Trust me everyone will be talking about the parties at your house.  Heck when the zombie apocalypse comes you'll need something to do while your barricaded in your house for months right?  Just a thought but you'd better add a home generator to the budget as you'll need some way to power the games when the city's electric grid go down, maybe solar or wind power as a backup.  Who says going green can't be fun after all it's just good planing. lol  

In the coming weeks and months I will be writing about many more of these unique new entertaining trends, so stay tuned. 


New Pinball machine: Wizard of OZ


Here it is the all new WIZARD of OZ Pinball machine form new manufacturer Jersey Jack. These machines have been on sale all through the production process but I believe there nearing final build-out now.  I for one can't wait to finally play this machine, its a wide-body pinball with multiple playfields and it looks like Jack poured a lot of his heart and soul into this machine.  I know what that's like to give everything to a project! It's nice to see some other company throw there hat into the ring for pinball manufacturing, to date Stern pinball was really the only game in town.  I hate that all the classic pinball companies have faded away over the years, it's sad.  I have to say to be fair and to keep the record straight that I know Jack and consider him a friend so I am bias in this particular case.  That being said I do believe this is a Great looking pinball and hope it plays as good as it looks; as I said I have not played the game yet but hoping to very soon.  I have to say I'm not a real big Wizard of Oz fan per say but I still want to own one which is a testament to Jack's vision on this game.  

Well to sum it up Beautiful Game, Great Guy, Go & Buy One TODAY!!!  PLAY.  

Pinball's website link: 

I will update this blog post after I've played the game and give you my honest impressions, stay tuned.



Spoiler Alert: Racing Legends episode on Vintage TV.


The ladies love Racing Legends, Sir Stirling Moss & motor model pictured above...thanks to "just a car guys blog" for this great shot. This should be called a TEASER ALERT!!!  It's TOP SECRET, I can't leek any of the Racing Stars names yet until we have them all signed-up, OK maybe one but I can tell you it will included past & present stars. Promise more details soon so check back.  * Photo credit: 

Next Update.......


Ferrari's "50th" Anniversary in Italy.


Well just encase you all out there were wondering, we've been car people for over 25 years! Let's hit the way-back button to show you this photo of our Ferrari Factory Tour in Maranello, Italy in 1997.  This was my Graceland, I was soooo stoked I couldn't wait to get there.  It was at the end of our trip to Europe and it never seemed like it was going to arrive.  After the factory tour we received a tour of the test track, then it was off to the Ferrari museum and then my personnel favorite lunch at the factory restaurant.  We sat right next to the CEO of Ferrari Lucca di Montezemolo, Enzo Ferrari's second son and then VP of Ferrari Piero and Ross Brawn one of the heads of Ferrari's Formula One Team.  I know its crazy, I don't even remember what I ate but I couldn't get over that everything and I mean everything was embossed with the Ferrari Prancing Horse symbol even the tooth picks!  I still have those tooth picks today 15 years later, in-fact I'm starring at them right now.  Crazy huh, what you remember.  Well tooth picks or not it was one of the Best trips of my life, how could it not be when I have JC by my side!  Ciao

Ferrari's website link: 

New Vintage Cast Caricature.

The new cast caricature is in!  This will be at the end of each show when they run the credits.  Its fun and we're all about FUN.  It's interesting to see how a cartoonist see you, we let the artist do his own thing.  You have to have a sense of humor when it comes to your cartoon.  Special thanks Phil D. for his design.



Adam Carolla stops by the set of Vintage.


Adam Carolla stopped by the set of Vintage TV, while we were filming the Italian car show.  It was great to meet and talk to him about his many projects.  I always thought he was funnier than Jimmy Kimmel when they were both on The Man Show, I don't know why he didn't get his own talk show?  To me he always was the funniest guy even on weak shows, its a shame the networks haven't given him a better medium in-which to showcase his talents.  We talked cars and racing and he answered questions from the cast, he's a Real Car Guy.  Then he had to get ready for a show he was doing that night at Mt Airy Casino's comedy club.  Thanks for stopping by Adam and we'd love to have you on our show anytime your schedule would allow!


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